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Alliance Protection Services

Security you

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Alliance Protection Services (APS) is here to provide excellent customer service, along with our expertise in security. The Founders have a combined 20+ years of security management experience. In total APS security company is established by creditable owners/managers that make up a solid and well-rounded security team. APS specializes in both armed and unarmed security operations. Our company will deter/detect crime and help prevent losses to your assets while your profits increase. We are here to provide effective communication by putting our client's needs first, as well as taking care of our employees. It is important that we maintain a professional image at all times and take pride in our appearance. APS understands that our employees are the face of our company and when our clients choose APS we represent our client's company. Ultimately, the safety and security of the client's staff, assets, premises, and the general public is our number one priority. APS demographics vary from local small businesses, schools, and big corporations. The security industry is a growing need, due to domestic terrorism, foreign terrorists and potential criminal activity. The recent health pandemic that is attacking our country places the public at an even greater need for protection which drives the need for superb Public safety measures to deter and detect any types of criminal behavior. APS will ensure that security managers/security officers are trained and prepared to handle our client's needs while, staying up to date with state laws, regulations and monthly training modules. 




We are dedicated to continuous improvement to the security services that are provided to our clients. We invest and  train our company's most important assets, our staff. APS aims to achieve all our goals, as well as exceed our clients expectations. APS as a company values above all else honesty, integrity ,professionalism and respect for all. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, staff and partners by honoring our commitments. 


  • Home and Vacation Perimeter House Checks

  • Remote Monitoring 

  • Property Management 

  • Armed/Unarmed Protection


  • Special Events

  • Houses of Worship

  • Armed/Unarmed Protection

what WE DO

  • Bank protection

  • Retail

  • Museums 

  • Reception duty 

  • Manufacturing and Distribution warehouses 

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Armed/Unarmed Protection


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